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Victor Buckle Description
« on: July 19, 2005, 10:15:19 AM »
I recently purchased a brass buckle bearing the Victor logo for $12 at a vintage clothing store in Asheville, NC. I am not a collector, and I merely thought it would be a cool buckle to wear. The price seemed reasonable, too. My curiousity about the markings on the back of the buckle brought me to this site. Because I don't have the means to photograph (and I don't see a photo on this site) the buckle, I'll provide a description of the buckle here.

The oval face of the buckle bears the Victor logo, namely a dog looking into a phonograph horn with "Victor" written above the phonograph. "Victor" is also written on the side of the phonograph. Beneith the dog and the phonograph it says "His Master's Voice" and "REC. U.S. PAT. OFF." On the back is an oval stamp, the outer rim of which reads "MADE IN ENGLAND   FINE PRESIDENTIAL AND ROYAL GRADE." The inside of the oval stamp has a star on the left and right and reads, "THE CELEBRATED E. GAYLORD MASS. PATENT BUCKLE." To the right of the stamp, on the attached piece that holds the belt ring is the Tiffany inscription reading, "TIFFANY STUDIO NEW YORK," which is bordered with a semi-circular dotted line.

I figured I post this information incase anyone else was curious about their Victor belt buckle. I'm happy with my purchase and wouldn't have even considered buying it had it been $100. I'm slightly disappointed my curiousity led me to a dead end, but at least I still have a cool buckle.