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Bogus Buckles is dedicated to those interested in putting an end to the Great Belt Buckle Hoax and was created by Jeff La Marca who acquired a rather large collection of these buckles that were amassed by a now-deceased close relative. The original collector was unaware (at least in the beginning) that these buckles were part of a hoax. Sadly, he paid as much as several hundred dollars for many of the buckles in his collection - at least prior to learning the truth about them during the mid-1980's. This; however, was an extremely common occurrence with collectors of these buckles during those "early years" (late 1960's to mid 1980's) as almost nothing was known about them - except that they looked old and were well-made. Fortunately, that individual also started to look for information regarding the truth about them and managed to collect quite a few articles and other materials about them before his death. These resources have been very helpful in the current search to uncover even more information about these bogus buckles.

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