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It is unknown as to exactly how many buckles were made as part of the Great Bogus Buckle Hoax. At this time, there appear to be over 140 different types of buckles (and buttons) that were made. If variations of these are included (which consist primarily of different city names stamped upon them) there appear to be at least 340 different buckles!

In order to help document these buckles, a Photo Album has been added to this site that contains pictures of many of them. Visitors to this site are encouraged to post their own photos - this is a simple process and there is not now, nor will there ever be, any charge for doing so - in other words, posting your buckle pictures is FREE!

During the coming weeks additional information with be posted, including:

  • Photos of the backs of some of these buckles. There seem to be an endless variations as to what, exactly appears on the backs of these buckles - even when comparing it with another buckle that is the same on the front.
  • Information on how to determine the difference between the "real fakes" and the "fake-fakes!" As these buckles were never made by the companies mentioned on this site, all of them are to be considered fakes - there are some people who like to call them "fantasy buckles" but that is, in our opinion, merely a euphemism to state that while these buckles may be fun to collect, they are not reproductions of anything but merely the creation of someone who was intent of promoting these as being genuine. It should be noted that these buckles were created during the 1960's and '70's and there have been a huge number of other companies who have copied these fakes (in other words, there are fakes of the fakes) and it is VERY EASY to get stuck with these cheaply made reproductions if you don't know what to look for. The easiest way to tell if your dealing with a "real fake" or "bogus fake" is to examine the back. The really disgusting part is that these "fake fakes" are also sold as not only being made by Tiffany and Co. (they weren't) but that unscrupulous sellers advertise them as being well over 100 years old.
  • Additional general information about these buckles.


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